Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter and Painting

Apparently when one thinks of Easter images of eggs, bunnies, crosses and my random paintings flit through peoples minds.

Not one but two different blogs featured my paintings on Saturday. The first one, that I knew about before hand, was Jenna at That Wife as she showed off her own dress painting. And got me some more business so my husband can go back to being a painting widow.

The second was Amy over at Relentless Bride who showed off some random paintings I did for my little ol Etsy store.

I have to giggle a bit thinking that my paintings=posting dumping ground for a holiday weekend. He he he. I am very grateful for the exposure I just find the coincidence very amusing.

Anyway on to that painting I cranked out while the In-Laws were antiquing. I tried my hand at a simple cherry blossom. I'm not crazy about it, but it's a good base starting idea:I need to crank out a few more (after I finish a wedding dress and uniform) because I, like some crazy person, booked a Mother's Day showcase on etsy for the 20th. And I want to get a really good one for Amy.

Anyone got some good ideas what would be good paintings for Mothers Day for me to highlight? I'm thinking working on a few flowers is good, I've been toying about putting a painting on a card but I'm still not sure if I would do well getting into stationary stuff.

Long story short. Yay for Jenna and Amy, look a cherry blossom again, and what do Mother's really want in painting form?


Linda said...

I think a painting is an excellent mother's day gift. I love that waterfall one.

Chesney said...

this is very different for you, looks more sketch like - nice! Hmmmmm, mother's day paintings? Maybe lakes, trees, nature?? I will look forward to seeing what you come up with - you are always so creative!

Rachel said...

You know what would make a cool painting?? Some of the branches from the pictures you took. Cool and abstract. The pansies could be nice too.
Hmmm... for Mother's Day - I think you're on the right track with flowers and nature - who doesn't like those??? ;-)

Oh, and LOL about the small white dog cake! It does kind of look like a little puppy.