Friday, April 10, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 129

The last and final step for our In-Law infiltration prep involved a few eggs, some buttermilk and a ton of sugar.

I got a recipe from a Martha Stewart food magazine I get for free (If you've gotten married recently or are getting married go sign up at the wedding part of her site and after you just have to make 5 vendor reviews and you get an option of some free stuff).

This isn't the exact recipe but it's pretty close to it.
The biggest reason I wanted to try this pie as soon as I saw it was because the only really special thing you have to buy is buttermilk (and it uses up a good chunk of the buttermilk so you can get 2 pies and a plate of biscuits out of one quart). Everything else we already had in the pantry. It also takes a whole 10 minutes to make and then an hour to bake

The buttermilk gives it a rich creamy flavor. It kinda reminds me of the end of the milk in a cereal bowl after eating a super sugary cereal, only in pie form.
I did make a few changes, mostly in the form of adding cinnamon, 1/2 a cup of brown sugar and nutmeg. My in-laws love nutmeg and despite a little accident when the cute baby nutmeg I was grating went for a little swim in the pie it worked out quite well. Well I assume it worked out well after tasting the spoon, spatula and beater (got to be thorough). I'm not going to cut into the pie before they get here.
Pretty little pie. Probably just needs a good dollop of whipped cream (which we don't have of course, it'd be too perfect if we'd remember things like that) and it makes a really nice light dessert.

Do you have a favorite go to dessert? I'm thinking I need to try making a cobbler at some point. I adore cobbler. Mmm cobbler. . .

Sorry got distracted there. Also if there are any greek food fans out there, please Dear Lord share with me your tzatziki recipe that actually works. We've tried so many times to get a good one and each time we fail miserably. We have a passable one right now but finding full fat plain yogurt is more impossible than catching bigfoot in a dress.


Jenna said...

My go-to desserts is one of those cheesecakes where you just mix cream cheese and cool whip together. Insanely easy. Except I need to find a go-to dessert that doesn't leave me wanting to eat the whole thing in one sitting.

Chesney said...

My mouth is watering - what time is pie time?? I will be right over!

Linda said...

If you find that tzatziki recipe be sure to share.

Krista said...

Yum ... that makes me hungry.

Oh, and I think you're right about the rabbit - it's wondering why we think it lays eggs!

(Wait, is that why I failed bio ... darn!)

Anonymous said...

I love Greek food but I've never made tzatziki sauce. Sorry. Maybe I should add that to my list of things to make? Mr. Bean worked at a fast food chain called Opa Slovaki, so maybe he has something...

That pie looks delicious! Yum!