Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Canadian Uniform and Dress

Oops, I talked about how I had to turn a blue uniform green and then promptly forgot to show it off.

Colors are a giant pain for me. When a picture is taken and sent to me over the interwebs it's really hard to take a stab in the dark as to exactly what shade that is. What looks blue or dark green in real life comes across as black. So I just had it in my head that this was a blue uniform (probably too much Stargate did it) and painted it that way.

Thankfully it's a lot easier to cover up and change colors with acrylic paint. I just had to redo most if not all of the details. Oh well, it looks good in green (though I say the blue was better).
This was the bride's dress and not only my first dress with sleeves but also the first real attempt at a bouquet. I'm not such a big fan of the pure white ones (from a painting stand point, monochrome is a real pain) but with a little pink I think it turned out quite well.Okay so this whole order was one big learning experience as not only did I do my first uniform, first bouquet, it was also the first international order.

I must say it is damn near impossible to send stuff over the border. First I had to get a special envelope from the postal office (which took twice as long to get as I did to create two paintings and even fix one), then I had to fill out a very important form stating that everything contained within the envelope was just a few pieces of canvas, cardboard and acrylic and wouldn't cause anyone harm unless they tried eating them both and jumped off a cliff.

I wound up waiting 10-12 days to get the stupid envelopes. I was so tempted to just get in my car, drive north, and chuck the thing across the border. But it's mailed off and, crossing fingers, I won't get it back.

I'm also ready to take any orders over seas. I have another 9 extra special magical envelopes(what makes them so special is they have international stamped on them *sigh*) So if anyone across the pond wants a painting just say the word.

I've actually had a lull in paintings. I didn't think I would but a whole lot of people contacted me about a painting and then suddenly vanished so I actually took most of last week off (aside from a possible "yay you gave birth" present that is pissing me off to no end and could wind up on the grill).

When I'm getting super frustrated and it just isn't fun anymore I think I need to rethink some stuff. Tonight shall be a journey back to abstract I think, with lots of blacks and blues.

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Jennifer said...

(WAVES) Hi, I'm one of the vanished painting requesters. I have re-appeared and will email you photos tonight! I PROMISE! And if you want, you can ship mine to Mexcio and I can drive 45 minutes to get it, but then I may get swine flu....