Saturday, April 25, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 143

I prayed it would never happen. Every morning I'd check to make sure but despite months of training and preparing it finally happened.

I forgot my wedding ring at home!

I'm not of the variety to feel like once that thing was put on my finger it should never come off. In fact it comes off at least once a day, but it has a permanent residence in our bathroom every night for sleepy time. I have a deep fear of catching one of the prongs on something and promptly shredding our blankets better than a pack of small dogs with an afternoon to themselves.

But in the 6 months since getting married (and adding on a year of being engaged, let's face facts it's basically the same ring) I had not once forgot to fix it upon my finger as soon as I was awake. Not until yesterday.

I had to spend all my very busy day typing up very fancy scientific stuff without my ring providing a familiar pressure to the sides:I missed my poor old ring while taking a big swig of water to try and combat the 90 degree day: I even missed my ring when I'd inextricably raise my hand up to the sky to rejoice in the bright blue sky. Yeah, that works. Why not?As soon as I got home I dashed to the bathroom and secured that ball and chain back onto my all important finger (it's the best one for getting into pudding cups).

Does anyone else take their ring off to sleep or for any other reason? Have you forgotten it for a whole day before and slowly gone stark raving mad?


withoutadornment said...

At least you left it at home and didn't lose it in some unknown place!

When I first got engaged, I would take off my ring to sleep. Then, one day I forgot to bring it to work and one of my engaged colleagues was wanting me to show off my sparklies, but that's really hard with no ring.

I now only take of my ring when I'm baking, cleaning or doing something where my ring could potentially be damaged.

valerie said...

I take my rings off to shower and wash dishes every day. I'm not too worried about the prongs because of the way the stone is set.

And yes, I forget mine. A lot, actually, especially lately when my mind is on 100 other things. My memory seems to have gone out the window.

Linda said...

I generally only take my ring off for showering. Sometimes cooking, especially making hamburgers or meatloaf.
I forget my ering at work once. I felt naked all night. I was too lazy to go back for it.

Becky (rksquared) said...

I forgot to put my e-ring on the day we went to register for our wedding gifts. It was the first time I had ever forgot, and my [now] husband reminded me all day long that I wasn't wearing it. It was totally unfair b/c at the time he didn't have a ring to try to remember.

Chesney said...

I do that all the time (even after all these years)! Still a weird feeling, I always feel "naked" without it!

Cate Subrosa said...

I have been swelling a bit lately, so have to take my rings off some days. I hate being ring-less enough that I bought another, bigger ring for those days, so at least I don't feel weird even if I still miss the look of my normal rings.

Leslie said...

Well for several years mine really never came off (except to get cleaned or to do something super messy), now, I rarely wear it because the last time it was cleaned they told me it needed to be fixed. Therefore I got scared I'd lose the stone, so it sits at home until we can finally get it to the jewelry store to get fixed.