Friday, April 17, 2009

My own greeting card

You know that crazy little thing called inspiration. When deadlines are looming, you gather up the most expensive tracking equipment and try to track your prey down. Only inspiration is always one, two, or twelve steps ahead of you.

So you give up and flop down into a bath (if you must maintain tradition it should be Greek) and just when you're about to give up, inspiration sneaks in and knocks you on the back of the head. (This is why creative genius is usually closely associated with bags of ice and severe head trauma.)

Recently I got smacked upside the head courtesy of one Jenna Cole. I rather doubt I'm telling anyone who doesn't know about her gorgeous photography but That Wife has dived feet and head first into professional photography and I swear you'd never believe it. All of the stuff she's put out echos with years of hard learned (and earned) experience and an artful touch.

If you go to her website you'll see in the banner this lovely picture of a bride relaxing with a book in a field of blue bonnets. I'd never seen anything like this before (I mostly mean the field of flowers though a bride feeling relaxed enough to curl up with a book is pretty damn awesome too) and it's been gnawing on my brain for a few days.

So this is what finally came out:

It is more of an abstract representation as this is a little bigger than Thank You card size but I really love the perspective and the chance to actually paint bright blue flowers.

This was also done on one of my ur nights (maybe I'll share all the horrific details when I get that other wedding dress up) so I think my second or third go around will look much better.

But I can happily say this is my first hand painted greeting card. Now to decide what to do with it.


Linda said...

I like it!

withoutadornment said...

Very pretty! Good job!

Chesney said...

Definitely bright and cheery - I needed that today!

Shell said...

Nice! I love seeing what you've been coming up with to paint!

Yes, that did actually happen. I think I might have embellished my insane hunger a bit, but I can't remember. It was like 5 years ago or so now. My parents read it today and don't remember it happening, though!

Rachel said...

Yes, the bluebonnets are in bloom right now - it's really pretty.
You did a great job!

Jenna said...

I have a hard time driving outside of the city right now because I'm constantly in danger of running off the road when staring at the fields of bluebonnets. You would love it down here. :)