Friday, April 10, 2009

Need a painting fix!

Hi, my name is Sabrina and I'm a paintaholic.

It's been almost 5 days since I last picked up a brush and I am going through withdrawls something awful. I've been hunting around for gorgeous cherry blossom pictures to see if I can make something nice and I keep getting this wild urge to rush home pull out my sketch book and have at it.

But the intellectual side of my brain keeps saying, no you can't. Not only do you have guests coming but your table is no longer your own.

Remember you did all that work to clear the piles of crap off it so two other people could sit and eat at it (My husband has this weird obsession with the kitchen table. Whatever random thing he picks up or finds goes right onto it. Be it a piece of mail, the piles of pens and pencils in orbit around our apartment or his socks in one form or another. I cannot understand it myself but I suspect there is something on that Y chromosome that says anything you find that could possibly be useful put in a huge pile of a piece of wood).

In fact not only did you clear the table off you also make it look nice too, with a lovely table cloth and some pretty flowers. Clearly there is just no room for you to get to painting.

Yeah well shut up intellect! You think you're so smart with your brains and uh words and junk. I'm just gonna go sit in my room and play my music super loud cause you just don't understand me!

Luckily my self imposed prohibition shall be over soon and I can get back to it. In the mean time I present my first attempt at painting real people:
It's two of our friends who both play the organ for a living, sitting at an organ playing it. I know I'm clever right?

And that white spot is where I put their names. Man I really suck at taking pictures of my paintings, though I think the organ turned out quite well. It certainly was a lot of work.


Chesney said...

This is really different from your other pics - I love it!

Shell said...

The painting looks good! I was always terrible at painting/drawing people, so keep up the good work!