Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's a turduckspam!

I've been slowly traveling through the different levels of spam. Someone wake me when we get to the river Styx. Charon owes me a tenner.

At first it was just say a link or two and garbage, easily spotted for what it was and just as quickly deleted.

Then they got a bit creative. Yoour friendly neighborhood spammer would leave a little something behind that if you squint and had no grasp of the English language could be confused for a real comment. They would just leave their name as a link to whatever product they were shilling.

It appears that approach was too phylisophical for some as now they're back to just typing random sentences from their third grade workbook on grammar and including a link in it.

Now I just had a spam that had absolutely nothing to do with my entire post. Instead he/she/it/scary evil clown man took something another commenter mentioned (in this case dental floss) and just left behind a shill about that.

We're starting to get into a weird fun house mirror area here where I fear I'll soon be getting spam comments based around other spammers comments.

Have any of you other bloggers been noticing an upsurge in spam lately? Is that the only job still hiring in this recession? If so well maybe I should try to get a piece of the cake. How's this sound?

Hi!!!! I quite love your blog?! You say such purdy and awseome things!, have you ever seen this great product for cleaning your oven! It's endorsed by so many celebrities to help for that stuff you were talking about in this post "I just got a new kitten" you'll never have a dirty oven thanks to your buying a new kitten ever again!

Hm, needs more exclimation points.


Linda said...

I occasionally get spam. Some of it is on post more than a week old. I usually don't delete cause I don't think anyone really cares.
Yeah, I think spamming, telemarketing, annoying ways to get you to spend what little money you have left will probably start cropping up more.

Anonymous said...

I get some spam. It usually never makes any sense.

As for your spam sentence, it's too coherent.

Chesney said...

I rarely get spam, but I do have to admit, they are being creative about it!

AmyJean said...

OMg. That's toooo funny.I dont think i've gotten much spam... YET!

Rachel said...

I haven't really gotten spam. Maybe like one or two.

But that's funny. I didn't realize that kittens were effective tools at cleaning ovens! I'll have to get me one....