Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The biggest Painting Giveaway in history!

I was promising exciting news last week, taunting you with words and youtube previews of hilarious videos. Now its time to pull back the curtain and reveal what's on the shiny pedestal.

A free 16X20 Painting!

That's right, I'm giving away a nice sized 16X20 painting. But it isn't just any old painting I have kicking around in storage.

No, I am offering that if you win my contest I will work with you to create your own 16X20 painting based upon what fits your tastes and decorating themes.

It could be a lovely nature scene of a lake:
Or a bright green forest:If you're big into my trees, I could create something like what hangs over my own mantle in any color you'd like.
Or a tree silhouette with a flock of birds than hangs over our bed.
If you're just looking for something more mood setting, there's also my castle in the mountains theme as well.
Or I could work to create something completely different than what I've never attempted before. It's fully up to you and what you'd most want on your wall. The sky's the limit.

I've done something like this only for close friends and family and as a thank you to everyone out there I'd like to offer a custom 16X20 painting for one of you.

I have never sold a painting this size before but it's easily a $60-$70 value.

That's nice and all, but just how does one go about entering. There are numerous ways to get your name in the running.

1. You have to leave a comment (or if you'd like to remain anonymous send me an e-mail) so I know that you seriously want to be in the running for the painting.

2. Be a follower of my blog on my facebook fan page to get another entry.

3. Follow me on twitter, also helpful as I'll have Re-tweeting chances for more entries as well.

One week from today I'll close down the contest and let Random Number pick the winner.

If you'd like your own Sabrina stamped piece of wall art, just leave a comment and if you have any neat ideas for what you'd want your painting to be please share.

Or if you just can't wait or stand the excitement check out my shop and see if there's anything there you'd already like.


Jennifer said...

Yay for contests! Yay for an awesome free painting! I would pick something reminiscent of the yellow sky with birds- or the yummy bare tree. OR you could test your hand at saguaros. Oh- the possibilities.

valerie said...

Man, this contest is easy for me, haha. :)

I want me some trees, yo!

Chesney said...

Pick me, pick me! LOL What a fun (and generous) contest! Trees for me (autumn, of course)! :)

rebisaz said...

Hi! I would love a desert scene, as Jennifer mentioned, saguaros. They're my favorite and they always mean "home" to me.

Yiskah said...

Oh Oh pick me!! :)
All of your paintings are beautiful! Everything hanging on the walls of my house has a nature theme of some sort - you're work would fit right in! And be a great conversation piece!

Leslie said...

I personally like the first one, but then again I'm biased. I'd gladly take another painting, though I have no idea what I would want.

Krista said...

Consider this my entry! I was already a fan on facebook, and now I'm following on twitter, too (as kristawantswork, which I mainly use to follow job websites like workopolis).

Jessica said...

Hooray! I would do an autumn tree, or maybe something like the the tree with the flock of birds...oh my the choices!

Kyle said...

I like the nature scene with the lake and mountain. The birds are nice too!

Thanks for opportunity to own some great artwork!

Walty files said...

I'd love to have a painting - actually you have inspired me to get back to painting! I'd love for any of your paintings would be such an honor!

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

i love your work! I would go with a tree of life style...whimsical with reds and browns...
cool giveway!

Carrie Mae said...

Ooo! I can join?

Anonymous said...

Seriously?! I second the yay for this contest. I think I would pick the yellow trees and birds, but add quite a bit more red. Thanks :) and maybe you can do my wedding dress too in the future! (after november)
Julia M.

Molly said...

Oh I want to enter!!! Although I have no idea what I want. Yet :)

me said...

I love your tree scenes. So spooky and wonderful! :)