Thursday, October 1, 2009

Follow Me to the ends of the internet

I'm about the second worst person at branding and selling myself right after Yakoff Smirnoff (I swear that guy doesn't have a single nice thing to say about me) so I've been slowly dipping a toe into things here and there.

Today I finally decided to create a Facebook Fan page for me, myself and my paintings (and everyone else who has one feel free to mention it in comments or the like so I can follow yours).

Facebook seemed to offer the best hub for everything I get up to across the web. So if you're curious about the behind closed doors antics of one Introverted Wife, won't you come and follow me?
There's also a nice fancy Facebook widget up in the left hand corner if that works a lot better for you, which it probably will because Yakoff says in Russia HTML codes you (just nod and smile then look for something heavy when his head's turned).

And if you follow me there might just be a little extra bonus for something that's gonna happen next week that I'm all excited about. I'm just saying is all.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to do a little piping. Yakoff has a date with a cliff.


Michelle Simpson Photos said...

I added you to my list!! Fun to see you on there!

Chesney said...

I am now your fan (like I wasn't one before)! :)