Sunday, October 11, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 312

Yesterday I had all these wild hopes and dreams, plans big huge plans but then they were foiled by evil foul weather.

So I did the next best think, locking myself in the kitchen and creating tasty morsels.

First I had to say a prayer to the Pantry Gods, hoping that I would have just enough of every necessary ingredient. And they were more than happy to oblige as I used up the last of the eggs, the final bit of brown sugar and just tearing into the last bag of flour to create chocolate chip cookies:There were a few nice burn spots thanks to my random heated oven (I think it works by having little gnomes pop out blasting hair dryers up while ice skating on the bottom) but all in all quite good.

Who wants a crappy weather day chocolate chip cookie?


Chesney said...

Oh me, me!!! Those look delicious (better than the ones you tear apart and bake - that's what my family gets LOL

Anonymous said...

Me too!

Your oven reminds me of the oven that my sister had at her last place - it was a mini convection oven. (There was no room for an actual stove/oven as the kitchen was the furnace room.) It would always the bottom as well as random bits throughout.