Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tree in Winter

You may remember my Autumn Tree that was a fairly simple one tree with a nice background and a bit of leaves on the branches and ground painting. I sold it last week.

In fact it looked quite a lot like this:I loved how it turned out so much I've decided to try and create the same idea for all the seasons. Sort of like Monet's haystacks but with less farm yards and more trees.

I've been working hard on the background trying to capture that grey/blue/white sky color you see in winter and used a layering affect in the ground so you can just see some dead grass poking up through the snow.

Then it was just a simple case of adding a tree and some snow on the branches.
When I get good light and time I'll be putting this one up on Etsy as well for sale so it won't have that "Oh crap it's 9 at night and I really want to share it on my blog tomorrow. Snap a fast picture with the flash and call it good" look.

What do you think of my winter tree? What's your favorite season for possible foliage induced decor?

P.S. If anyone's been wanting a wedding dress painting of mine but can't afford it right now there's a contest going on at That Wife where you can enter and I'll make one for free. On fancy canvas and everything.

I'd love if anyone still with a wedding blog could maybe pass on the contest info to your followers and the like. I fear that I'm getting further and further away from the wedding crowd as it's almost been a year since my own wedding (oh crap! I only have two days before my anniversary! I better think of something fast).

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Linda said...

Love the new tree.