Saturday, October 3, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 304

Sometimes my husband's family is just too entertaining.

While he never had a pet growing up (sorry, hamsters don't count) and no one on his Mother's side has no real idea how to relate he had one Aunt (I think it's either a great aunt, or an aunt twice removed or an aunt from another colony that was transplanted after a bad rain storm thanks to rehill colonization) and uncle who were so excited seeing the puppy pictures at the wedding that shall remain nameless.

There was talk about wishing they could take all the puppies home with them.

They were really the only people there who owned dogs and were truly excited about us getting Es.

Okay, that's enough back story. Yesterday we received our first ever piece of Essie-mail.
She was a bit excited, sniffing around and opening it up with her nose a few times before tearing through the backyard with a stick in her mouth.
Our little girl is growing up fast. She's already getting her first baby card.

I'm thinking as soon as I get some pictures sent off I'll make a little card and put an Essie paw mark in it and mail it back to them so they can see just how big she's gotten already.

I just hope we don't start getting toys or puppy clothes in the mail, she's already way too spoiled as it is.


Anonymous said...

That is really too cute. It's always nice when someone else is excited as you are about something in your life. :)

How big is Essie supposed to get?

Krista said...

Hey, I'm on the internet already!

The confusing thing about the "Worf" shirt: it's not signed by Michael Dorn. It's signed by the artist who "painted" (silkscreened?) the picture of Worf. Weird, eh?

But I'd LOVE it if it was signed by Mark Hammil! Woohoo, I love Luke!

Chesney said...

That sketch looks just like her too! :) I think you need to put that in her "puppy" book.....first mail!