Saturday, October 24, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 326

I've been wanting to write a post dedicated to my little trooper of a camera for a while now, I just had no way to photograph it.

It's stuck with me for over 300 days, turning on and taking pictures that I can then share with the web despite a few little spills and oopsies.

There were pictures of Essie and her litter when they were just 5 days old.

Pictures of the new house (and all the other houses we looked through but shot down).

And of course, millions of lovely pictures of nature and other random trees I find cool.

So here's to you little Nikon Coolpix L4It's been through some rather um, tough times as I carried it stashed in every pocket or pouch available to me every day for nearly a year.
You've been a wonderful friend but I think it's time you look into some partial retirement, take it easy and kick back by the polaroid pool. But I'll still keep you on as my camera emeritus, after all your light weight and ease of use still makes you a nice fast point and click.
Your job will be handled now by my slightly more beefed up Nikon Coolpix L100.
It has a lot of the same features as my old camera just more options (as well as a wonderful vibration reduction which means I can keep the flash off for the most part forever. Yay!). But what I really Really REALLY love about my new camera is the 15X optical zoom lens.

My old camera had a really not useful 3X which just meant it was usually easier for me to walk up closer to the object as opposed to the lens.

But with this baby I can take a picture of the top branches of a tree with wonderful clarity.
And now I can sit back at the front of the yard, throw the ball and snap pictures of Essie in full action mode without having to worry about getting the picture fast so I can pull the camera away before she bowls me over with puppy kisses.
Getting some air there.
I love the floppy lab ears.
There's still a lot of learning I have to do with the camera, adjusting to the larger screen, the fact that I don't have to hold my breath to take a picture and learning the menu buttons in the dark while blindfolded but I can't wait.

What kind of cameras do all you other bloggers use?


Linda said...

I'm jealous. That's an awesome looking camera!

Rachel said...

I'm jealous too!
I would really like a nice camera, but we just got a camera for a wedding gift last year. And while it's cool because it is waterproof up to 10 feet underwater (which Chris loves), it isn't the best at image and color quality. Maybe I just don't know how to really use it to the best of it's ability... but my pictures are always dark - or too washed out looking. It's just "okay". I secretly kind of hate it - and am so jealous of all the bloggers out there that have those gorgeous pics on their blog!

Chesney said...

Your new camera is paying off, what clarity and details (and that is hard to get on one fast dog)! :)