Friday, October 23, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 325

I get home, pull my new camera out of the box, fiddle with some nobs, push a few buttons and figure out how to get my camera to execute the "capture an image into digital form" maneuver. And it pretty much ends there because it's been raining cats and dogs outside the entire day so any attempts by me to take pretty pictures is dead in the water.

Tomorrow, I promise, tomorrowish I'll have a nice little write up about the new one (and you can see what hell I put the old one through). Well assuming we don't all float away with two of every animal.

In the meantime I'd like to introduce you to someone. Now he may look cute as hell but don't let the fuzzy face and soft golden hair trick you.
He's really a bat shit crazy mad scientist leopard bent on destroying the world one blue sheep meal at a time.
But oh that lab coat, no one can ever take you seriously in the mad science field with a bright crisp heavenly white lab coat. It's like walking onto a football field with a clean and pressed jersey or a rodeo with pristine boots and hat.

You'll get laughed right out of Mad Sci U with a lab coat like that. Stains are a badge of honor, and a handy way to remember past experiments as mad scientists never use lab notebooks (something about showing a lack of ingenuity and leaving proof behind for the cops).

So I helped him along a bit by tea staining the lab coat to a more acceptable yellow/brown level. Then using helpful staining agents added the much necessary tell tail experiments gone awry.
You'll note the lovely iodine stains all over the top of the coat. Apparently Mr. Snow Leopard had a bit of trouble with a patient when he was trying to sew the head of a goat onto the body of an elephant (got to sterilize the area after all).
And who can forget that one day when Snow Leopard stuck a bromophenol blue dye tube in his pocket and it exploded all over turning his entire left side a nice smurf blue?

It still needs a few bleach stains and I'm going to make little gloves and pens to stick in his pocket but otherwise Mad Scientist Snow Leopard is ready for his adoring fans as long as they're not waving pitchforks and torches.

Do you get weird little toys and things when companies stop by trying to promote their latest gadgets to you or is that just the wild and wacky science world? Is there any freebies that you're particularly fond of?


Leslie said...

We don't get cool stuff like that here. The only thing we ever get from companies is that if you make a big enough order from quill, they'll send some cookies sometimes.

Chesney said...

We are always getting weird stuff like that (although i don't think this cute guy is weird at all)! :) What kind of new toy did you get? Have fun playing!

Michelle Simpson Photos said...

Can't wait to hear about the camera! I don't know what we are going to make first with the mixer! The possibilities are endless! If it's something interesting, I'll try to let you know :D