Monday, October 5, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 306

While I had a much different post planned for today's picture show and got side swiped by the unexpected no good very bad day I still want to keep trudging along and not break the streak (306 days is a streak right? What do you mean I have to wear a beard of bees for 6 years? I want to talk to your manager.)

So today I give you a scene from our local grocery store that leaves me scratching my head and feeling pretty bad for the stock boy they convinced to do it.If Nicholas Cage or Tom Hanks in a bad wig were around the odd potato arrangement would have to mean something other than "Buy these cheap ass old potatoes, they're only 50 cents a piece."

Do you see anything mystical in the potatoes of doom?

Also for anyone on the reader, you may want to click over at my blog. I've been updating things a bit to get into that Halloween spirit.


Linda said...

Love the new header!
Reminds me I have some potatoes I need to use.

Chesney said...

Arranging these potatoes had to take hours....was it worth it?? LOL

Ruby Slippers said...

I think the potatoes are hysterical. Maybe someone was just REALLY bored!

Love the new header too.