Thursday, October 15, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 316

For the past week I've been munching and enjoying the ripe harvest of apples that sit in our grocery store shelves.

Last week it was Granny Smith, the large green men from Mars of the apple world (just don't sneeze on them or you could wipe out the entire crop).

This week we moved to a different apple brand, Honeycrisp. And while the apples live up to their rather strange name by being sweet and generally crisp (I'm more of a suck your face in tart and crisper than a dollar bill kinda girl but these are still good) the sticker has been confusing me.
Am I crazy or is that bastardization of Winnie the Pooh sucking his thumb or did he just stick a whole apple into his gaping maw while offering up one for any other bears to shove in their faces?


What? Oh yeah there was something else I was going to do today. Now just what was it?

*think think think*

Quick someone give me an apple I can shove in my mouth, that always gets the brain cells going.

Oh right! The painting winner.

Drum roll please. I shall spin the random number generator like I'm on the Price is Right and out pops number:
All right! Round of applesauce for number 11!

Oh wait, there should be a name to go with it. This is about as double blind as one can get as I picked the number at home and left my list at work. So let's see.

The winner of my first ever 16X20 painting giveaway is:

Carrie Mae!

If you get some time from your Hallowedding just drop me an e-mail and we can get started on some ideas for your painting.

Thanks to everyone who entered and shared my giveaway with the world. It was so much fun I'm sure I'll be doing it again at some point in the future and maybe actually remember to stress my own painting store a bit more in the post. He he he, oops.

And if anyone out there has been wanting their own wedding dress painting from yours truly come back later today (I hope) and you may get a chance to get one for free.

Thanks again! I'll be sharing pictures from the whole process on my blog so you can watch how one of the larger ones comes to life.


Carrie Mae said...


I'm singing the, "I'm so excited" song in my head right now. :)

Ack! I welcome the distraction from Halloweddingness. :) Let's talk about fabulous paintings!!

I'm located at:; drop me a line, dear lady?

Linda said...

I love honeycrisp apples. So yummy!