Friday, October 2, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 303

A funny thing happened on the way to Halloween prop class last night.

Sitting in our usual place, turned towards the line of skulls up front was a man holding a rather elaborate camera from one of the local news stations.
At first I wasn't sure what to make of it and was none to happy to have to maybe give up my seat (it's the territorial college genes in me. Dammit if you sit in the same seat all semester you better believe if you sit in my seat some random night you're gonna have troubles).

We had to sit quietly while the Teachers gave interviews about why they have the class and all those other little niggling questions people come up with for human interest stories. (You better at the drop of a hat be able to explain exactly why you say decided to marry your spouse, love a certain holiday, came out for the show, or have a small love affair with fedoras.)

I figured that the cameraman was there to just get a couple shots of the profs doing their thing, maybe some wide shots of the whole class working and then leave but I was a bit wrong.

While everyone else was working to get things set up to begin work on the ground breakers (it's skin adding time), I was finally given the go ahead to start painting my tombstone. Putting myself into deliriously happy I get to hold a paintbrush mode I swiped a nice layer of gray over the front and turned it around to get a good go at the back.
With this part turned away, my tongue sticking out slightly and me on my tip toes moving back and forth to find any white spots I could miss the cameraman wandered over and started filming my painting extravaganza.

He seemed really excited to just be there so I struck up a little conversation mentioning our wild and wacky wedding last year and the tale of Bridezilla and Groucho really perked up his ears.

Eventually he wandered off to film other people working on their projects and the ground breaker how to latex display. Meanwhile I'd just finished my own paint layer and despite my taunts of "Dry! Dry you piece of foam!" it decided to stay rather wet.

My husband was just getting into the sticking wet gooey latex wads of batting on his skull and I figured he could use a little supervision.

It started simple enough as I thought Mr. Skull Head (as I kept singing over and over) could use a more ragged set of cheeks stretched over his jaw line.

It was about when I'd taken over the top of the skull, mushing and mutilating it to make Mr. Skull Head look like he got into a bad accident while my husband worked on the neck that the cameraman wandered back.
In full crafting mode (where I sing under my breath, joke with my husband, and am just happy as a clam -- crafting is my drug of choice) he interviewed us about why we were in the class and why we like Halloween and just what the heck we were up to.

I was rather surprised how many people were either scared of the camera or just worried they wouldn't have anything interesting to say. I rather felt bad for the guy who obviously just had to fill some time but was getting mostly ignored.

So despite the fact that I was dressed in full "I just painted my jeans and shirt and don't care" regalia, had not a drop of makeup anywhere near my face and my hair was styled in the stringy getting in my eyes fashion I didn't think twice about being on camera.

Life is so much more fun when you stop giving a shit. If this has all happened five years ago I'd have been one of those other timid crafters hiding in the shadows trying to stay out of the floodlights, but still secretly hoping I'd wind up on camera anyhow.

Are you scared to show up on camera or give an impromptu interview? Have you ever had a camera crew show up at something your working or helping out at?

We won't find out til Monday if we're actually on TV or not, but if they put the clip on-line I promise I'll share (even if we're not in it, because it's still a cool class and you can see what we've been up to).

Oh dear, you might finally hear and see just what Introverted Wife looks and acts like. I'll never live up to the hype I've laid here as a super agent bent on world destruction with a dragon sidekick.

Well I still have a few days. MWHAHAHAHA! Abandon all hope tiny creatures as I slay thee with my mighty ray gun!


Chesney said...

You are a star! :) You will have to let me know if you made tv, I will look it up on the internet!

Ruby Slippers said...

I'm so watching that! I hope you are on it, because it's one of my secret desires to hear what all my internet friends sound like IRL.

Jennifer said...

Awesome! That class sounds like such a blast and what fun that you and your husband can participate together!

And good for you for being bold and talking to the camera man- how very extraverted of you! :)

Rachel said...

One day, when I still living in downtown in my loft, I was walking my 2 schnauzers (cuz that's all I had at the time!) after work and a camera crew and local reporter were roving around. Of course, Riley and Murphy were barking, which is kind of annoying. And the cameraman was just egging them on, which kind of ticked me off.

They were trying to build a story that the area I lived in was "dangerous"... evidently it was a slow news day. But I didn't make the newscast because when they interviewed me, I replied that I didn't think that area was scary or bad - that I felt pretty safe, actually. Didn't fit into their tidy little story...

Linda said...

Awesome. I hope you guys are on the news! Please find a way to show it those who don't live in Lincoln!

Krista said...

Tomorrow's Monday ... so only one more day to wait to see your media debut!