Monday, October 26, 2009

Introverted Jewelry?

I have a new idea and I need some opinions from you guys.

I like creating my huge paintings that go over fireplaces and all, but what I really like is sitting down with my nose pushed close to a canvas creating incredibly intricate and fine details.

This works best in my wedding dress paintings as the details add up to a better picture of the entire dress and I keep the size small anyway so they're more cost effective (or some other random economics words).

So how do I incorporate my love of fine details with say a much cheaper way someone could get a piece of art from me?

I decided I'd try my hand at making pendants. This is the first trial run which is just a simple white tree painted on a wooden disc I stained about the size of a quarter.
I just have to add a little eyelet at the top so it can hang and then it's pretty much ready to go.

What do you think? It'd probably cost somewhere in the $3.50-$4.50 range for a hand painted pendant.

I'm just not sure if I want to jump headfirst into Etsy's already over bloated jewelry section. While it's a little bigger than a scrabble tile and actually hand painted as opposed to a picture glued onto a piece of wood I'm not sure if it's super appealing.

I'd be doing a lot more than trees, just other ideas and paintings that I like. Simple colors and probably more silhouettes.

What do you think? Would you like something like this a simple hand painted wooden pendant?


Linda said...

It's not my style, but I think you should go for it!

Jennifer said...

I love it! I'll be your first sustomer! I'll buy that one!

Jennifer said...

fyi- sustomer= customer.

Mouse said...

YES! I like the looks of that tree. Plus, wood jewelry is such a thing right now...

Katie said...

i think it's really cute and would definitely sell!