Sunday, October 25, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 327

There's just one more weekend til Halloween!


Okay so it isn't quite as bad as that but my husband and I have accepted that some of the great cool totally wicked ideas we had are just not going to be fully finished the first Halloween in our house.

Not as many fun lights, not as many props, no giant pumpkin bag full of leaves.

But that doesn't mean we can't at least get some of them to almost doneish. Like my fairy specimen.

I wanted to create the feel of an old museum where exotic butterflies are pinned inside dusty old wooden cases. So a little paint, a little tea staining and a lot of swearing as I couldn't get the backing back into the shadow box and I created my Fairy Specimen perfect for any crypto-zoological museum.
This fairy only fills half the box as I want to do another more typical fairy aka big head and two sets of wings, but again time is slipping by quickly and there are other more pressing projects.
For a closer view of the fairy specimen tag. I worked a few sort of puns/inside jokes in there.
And while I was working hard and swearing a lot at my fallen angel fairy to get it some hair and into the cursed box my husband has embarked on an interesting endeavour of his own.
He's going to make fancy chocolates molded to look like various body parts. So far he's just created clay models of the brain and lung (which look really cool) but he's got wild plans for many other various organs.

There's still pumpkins to carve and puppies to take adorable pictures of in her costume and then this Friday we finally put it all together outside and have our first ever yard haunt.


Renee said...

Amazing stuff, as usual. Love it!

Linda said...

Very cool!

Rachel said...

Scary fairy!!
That's very cool looking!

And, hey, if you don't get it all done this year, there's always next. You'd probably be changing stuff a little for next year anyways!!

Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

Chesney said...

You guys are just too creative, I don't know where you have the energy to get all of this done! I would love to be a trick or treater at your house!

Stacaroni said...

Too cool! The label is very clever. Had to add it to our facebook feed.