Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Etsy Find of the Week - Sammis 2 Shoes

Christmas is coming. Okay so I'm a bit more focused right now on another holiday due round about this Saturday. You may have heard of it, lots of candy and scary stuff. Strange creatures go bump in the night.

Yep, Willy Wonka's birthday. I celebrate by dressing in the most elaborately horrifying outfit and forcing people onto boats while they watch clips of beady eyes and chicken mutilation.

But at the back of my mind is the niggling reminder that Christmas is coming and soon presents will be purchased and exchanged while one tries to avoid the large amount of precipitation outside. So I shall be aligning my Etsy Finds with the gift giver in mind.

For this week it's Sammis 2 Shoes, the perfect shop for any big green recyclers you have in your life.

If they still need a few totes for shopping but want something a bit more special, there are a few priced at $6 with cool designs on them.
For the green writer/jotter/note taker/strange person who draws skeletons in their spare time there are an interesting and wide array of reupholstered (as it were) 100% recycled notebooks.
Of course I love the doggies, but if your gift receiver is not so canine inclined there is a wide array of options like this plant life journal.
But my favorite are some of her repurposed old cigar boxes. How cute is this?
I love the slide mechanism as opposed to hinges and at only $8, it'd make not just a nice present but a nice way to present and even nicer present.

If you're looking for something green and with simple and cute designs for your journaler/shopper/jewelry container, check out Sammis 2 Shoes.


Buckaroo Bones said...

I am a big fan of Sammis2Shoes. She has great items at great prices. I predict she'll go far as an Etsy seller.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jj for the friendly, and most appreciated comment!

Sabrina, I sold that journal that you featured in this article... so Kudos to you and thank you as well:)

Have a great week y'all, and I will be reading your fantastic and interesting blog from here on in :)