Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Fun

I got this fun little survey/meme/way to goof off courtesy of Linda. It offers a little peek into my psyche and just possibly explains why I am the way that I am.

1. Favorite Beverage
If there's one thing that's sure to cool you down and freeze most of your internal organs it's liquid nitrogen. For that "OH GOD IT BURNS!" feel.

2. My HometownI'm actually from the left nostril of the horse head nebula, good ol' Sinus U. Go Bogeys! I save for ears to make the trip to Earth trying to live the Earthican dream of trying to enslave all of humanity.

3. My Favorite TV Show

I can only assume T.V. stands for terminal velocity so my favorite terminal velocity show is by far the dropping of large and small men from planes and seeing which one survives taking place on every high school physics paper across the globe.

I can't wait for next season, I hear they're finally introducing friction.

4. Your Occupations
Right now I'm just a little wing of an airport in a tiny podunk town but there's talk that if I work hard, make sure no flights ever leave on time and play the most annoying muzak possible I could get to cover an entire floor.

5. My First Car
My first car got a whole one horsepower, only two wheels, and the brakes relied on you hoping there was a mare in heat in the other direction.

6. Your Favorite DishCheck out all those shiny mirrors? What jay wouldn't have this as their favorite dish? The mirrored glass is a little hard on the teeth though. It's a good thing my blood is acid otherwise there's no way I could digest the steel girders.

7. Celebrity You Have Been Told You ResembleNo explanation necessary. Like looking into a living mirror.

8. Celebrity On Your To-Do ListWhat? It's Bond for goodness sakes. Even a wookie has eyes.

9. Your Favorite Childhood ToyThis explains so very very much. Every mad science airport wookie from the horse head nebula needs a little Jacob's Ladder to whittle childhood hours away on.

10. Any Random PhotoYou did say Random after all. I wonder if the Lobster is actually the evil genius that controls the cyborgs for his own financial gain (I am making all this up right now if you can't tell, don't take crazy lobster man serious at all).

And now you know all my long hidden secrets, so I must bite off your head and lay my eggs in your chest.

Maybe this isn't such a fun friday after all.


Linda said...

You must know my cousin he's from the right nostril of the horse head nebula!

Krista said...

I hope the horse head nebula doesn't sneeze often. That must be disgusting!