Saturday, October 17, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 319

Science can be a touch strange sometimes.

While it's usually shaken off the old throwing a couple of switches and bringing the dead to life you'll still get a faint whiff from the old grave looting days of yore.

I got the wonderful opportunity to help clear out a lab so some people could come in over the long weekend (long for the students not for anyone else who works at the university) to clean out all the mold.

While trying to not gag from all the lovely smells of mold encrusted slides I got a quick opportunity to snap a few pictures of the specimen cabinet.
Kinda spooky looking eh?

Just the kind of perfect thing to help someone get ideas for their own specimen shelf for their Halloween display eh?
Looks a bit like angel hair pasta, though this is actually worms for a sheep.
A lot of the old specimen jars had used the old typewriter font for the labels. Just age that in a bit of tea and burn the edges a bit and you should have something that looks like it fell out of Frankensteins hands as he tried to flee the mob.
And people used to eat these as a way to lose weight. Wow look at how far we haven't really come.

I'm gonna start crawling the dollar stores soonish to see if I can find some cool bottles to make my own "creepy specimen" shelf.


Renee said...

That *does* look creepy. I like it.

Linda said...

I love old apothecary bottles. They would add something to the creep factor.
A totally different creepy but earthen pots. Although that's much more of a witchy creepy.