Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 314

Do I really want to join a club? Am I that crazy about Halloween to want to be a member of a local Haunt Group?

That's what's been put before me as the instructors for our prop class have a Halloween group called Fear Crafters.

On the weekend they had a little get together where anyone from the public could come, have some food and, because it was Saturday and below freezing out, huddle around the large bonfire thinking about tossing a few of the extra chairs on it for warmth:It was kinda interesting, like being back in college when anyone with half a mind and a couple friends could get the University to acknowledge your"Bowling Backwards for lefties" group. So it's mostly just a bunch of people getting together, eating and drinking and maybe a half assed attempt at some parli pro.

Only this one had much more entertaining eye candy around:
At the meeting there was a kinda neat and simple demonstration on how to revive old pumpkins.

The gist is after Halloween you buy up those foam pre-cut super cheap pumpkins, then line the back of the design with duct tape and spray insulation foam in between the cracks. Finally cut off excess foam and spray paint orange and you have a new clean ready to carve pumpkin:It's cool to know that we're not the only wacky people out there that are wild about Halloween and love the opportunity to get our hands dirty creating things ourselves.

But it was a bit strange as we were by a good 5-10 years the youngest people there who weren't with their parents.

Have you ever joined a hobby interest group outside of High school/College? Do you like the more highly organized groups or the ones where you just use it as an excuse to get together and have fun?

P.S. If anyone's been interested in Hallowindow at all, our hosts had number 2 going in their window and it looked so cool I came home and used some of my painting money to get it:The first one is still by far my favorite. I think it's all the haunted scene scapes.

I'm sure my husband and I will join as tonight is our final Prop Building Class and despite the major disrupt to our schedule and major cut into my painting time I'm really going to miss it.

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Chesney said...

It is so fun meeting people w/ similar interests (regardless of age). I bet this will be a blast for you, and yes, I love that eye!