Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Suffering from the Tuesday Afternoon doldrums? Need a little pick me up til 5 o'clock Margaritas (or 5 o'clock chase Jimmy Buffet around the watercooler)?

Regretsy is here to help.

Etsy is fast becoming a wealth of not only fascinating and well crafted one of a kind items but also a bastion of fascinatingly disturbing stitched together with duct tape stuff pulled out of the trash.

I think you can guess which Regretsy tends to highlight.

Like this lovely chicken poncho, because the last thing I'd ever want is cold chicken McNuggets.

Or an art project where a yarn basket got wildly out of control so they just nailed it to the wall and decided to charge $650.
Possibly the scariest thing of all about Regretsy? A lot of times they things they feature get sold, and rather quickly. Like this:
Yes, it really is just a paper clip on some thread. Yes they actually charged $5 for it, and yes heaven help me someone bought it.

There's tons of stuff there that's sure to entertain, horrify, and make you curl up in a corner weeping for humanity.

But be warned, your afternoon will be shot as soon as you click on that link.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


Anonymous said...

Ok. I hardly ever use this internet-ism, except ironically, but ... OMG.

It's a CHICKEN. In a SWEATER. Someone is charging money for a chicken poncho.

You just made my afternoon.

Linda said...

So funny. Although not all safe for work :(