Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 323

October is Squash Alertness Month.

A small band of neighbors come together to police all the extra squash and gourd paraphernalia that grace the stoops of homes dotting the landscape from roaming bands of teenagers with one idea in mind: killing every pumpkin they meet.

No one knows what pushes your average vandal to commit Jack'o'cide but short of getting an actual haunted pumpkin to scare them straight your only hope is the Squash Squad.

So imagine my total surprise to find this bright orange pumpkin tucked on our steps. It goes against all the laws of Halloween to have someone give you a pumpkin as opposed to stealing yours especially in broad daylight.

Closer inspection revealed the answer.
Okay aside from the photoshopping a man into a monkey suit trick (which reminds me of an old Simpson episode where Bart goes to start a savings account and stops at the teller who's wearing an ape mask. "A professional in an ape costume is still a professional.") I guess it's a nice thought.

But now I'm starting to wonder just how long will these random little presents last? Will we find an orphaned tree in our front yard mid December? An Abe Lincoln Top hat for presidents day? A horde of veg eating rabbits unleashed for Easter?

How long do Realtors keep reminding you that they helped you find your house?

I've been working feverishly on a little something at home that while it isn't quite done I couldn't wait to share a little preview.

It still needs hair (which I'm going to steal from a $1 barbie I think, it's like hair plugs really) and a shadow box to stick it in but this is my own little faerie.
When it's finished you'll get to see all the pictures and a better idea of just how tiny this thing is. But for now, I have a mummified faerie in my kitchen.

Has anyone seen some decimated pumpkins yet? I caught one smashed to hell on a walk through the park with Es (which was lots of fun as I did my best to keep her from eating any of it). Have you ever had your pumpkins smashed to smithereens?


Chesney said...

Being a Realtor, I don't think that this Realtor is reminding you that he helped you buy your house, I think he is appreciative of your business in this distressed time. I think you have found a good guy, not too many realtors are doing this in this day and time! :) By the way, I love your craft - you should sell these!

Leslie said...

Sounds like someone's garden did especially well this year and they're looking for places to get rid of pumpkins. Kinda like Mimi talking about zuchini time in Greeley.

Jennifer said...

My pumpkin was caught in an uprising of animals. From what we surmise- a hawk, owl or perhaps a band of hummingbirds knocked our pumpkin off our 2nd story balcony. Then the javelina and squirrels took their turn devouring it.

Linda said...

No smashed pumpkins yet. We need to get our pumpkins. Maybe this weekend.