Friday, October 9, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 310

It's friday and fall, finally.

And to felebrate all the fun I thought today's pictures would just be a rare glimpse of some fall signs on a bright day.
Fall is generally assumed to be made up of nothing more than leaves changing from a bright verdant green to the muted oranges, yellows and browns of a Hobby Lobby wreath.
But there is an underside to fall many people fail to talk about. The trees that stubbornly refuse to change even in the face of a bad frost and possible snow fall.
Who can forget the other fun side of fall, getting horribly lost while the chilled air takes a few tasty bites out of your fingers and toes.

And it's all thanks to fields upon fields of corn.
At least there's a handy snack available if you don't make your way out before the wolves set upon you.
But fall is really all about the trees and leaves, so who are we kidding here are some more.

Happy Friday everyone. Hopefully you're not facing reports of snow and freezing temps this weekend as we are and you get to enjoy the beauty of autumn before Jack Frost steals it away under cover of darkness.


Leslie said...

I have to disagree. It is my obsevation that fall means cranky farmers when it rains. This, of course, for me means a cranky husband. Make the rain and snow stay away for another month!

Linda said...

I've got our flannel sheets on our bed. I'm looking forward to chilly weather!

Anonymous said...

Too late. This morning it was -11C with windchill of -20C. It's bloody cold, especially since two weeks ago we were having record highs of 33C!


Chesney said...

Love your signs of Autumn, hope it stays for a while and isn't ruined by Jack Frost! :(