Sunday, October 18, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 320

For whatever reason you can't buy a house in this town without it coming with a fireplace somewhere (I wonder if Lincoln had mob ties at one point). Nice idea and all but I've never had one growing up and have no idea all the work involved in starting and maintaining a fire.

And my husband is deathly afraid of trying anything new.

So I thought I'd just try to bypass all that real flames and things and get myself one of those logs that look like they're on fire.

After combing the internet and seeing they run in the $200 range I picked myself up off the floor and went out and bought a box of these:
I spray painted them black and using the magical power of glue and duct tape adhered them to a special stacked pile of wood (with one screw per each for easy maneuverability).
Now we have a nice light fire going every night and there were practically no Amish involved at all.

The cool thing about these lights is that they have a built in timer, so every night at 5:30 they light on and stay lit for 8 hours before turning themselves off for the day and restarting once again at night.

It's a super easy fire with no mess and no clean up.

Sure it's not as much fun as the real thing, but there is still something soft and reassuring of the light glow and flicker of some LED lights. And in the end it only cost me $25 to make.

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