Thursday, October 29, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 331

Creativity can be a cruel master (I figure creativity must be male. How else to explain all those Renaissance paintings where the woman just can't quite figure out how to work a shirt and half of her is spilling out).

It waits in the grass watching with slit eyes for the perfect moment to strike. Usually as your hands are both full, a pot on the stove is boiling over and a small child is very unhappy with his current Fisher Price distraction options.

And when you're sitting at your desk, pen in hand, creativity nips down to the bar to knock back a few with insomnia and procrastination (Don't worry, they'll be back just as soon as you're getting ready for bed).

So I've come to accept that when the creative bug strikes I best grab ahold with both hands and hang on for dear life.

Last night creativity smacked me upside the head with a crowbar and made sure I'd lose all feeling in my left hand for half a day.
It started simply enough. I have two wedding dresses that need some representation in the artistic realm so I sat down while watching the Simpsons and sketched out the first one.

My husband took the puppy on her required daily walk and just as they came back in I finished up the last lines.
I put the dress on my table and went out to the living room, but creativity still wiggled around at the back of my brain.

The puppy was satiated with a bone, so I figured what the heck and I picked up the dress painting I'm giving away and sketched that out. The bride also wants her veil and bouquet included so I had a bit of a challenge ahead of me.
But that still wasn't enough for me. Oh no, creativity tugged on my arms pulling me deep into the well of productivity.

So while half listening and singing along to Nightmare Before Christmas I created a second pendant.
Yes it really is just the size of a quarter and yeah it is completely hand painted. It's a little different from my other simplistic white tree on wood stained background but it could certainly be a conversation starter should anyone like it (hint hint hint)

And that's a little glimpse into what can come out of my room when I get into just the right creative mood (just be happy I had to go to bed otherwise there could be a half finished 16X20 taking up space in my room).

P.S. Because it's Thursday and the day I update my lab notebook and basically check out and soon become unemployed here's a little puppy hug.
Puppy Hugs everyone!


Leslie said...

awe.....that may be the cutest puppy picture yet.

Linda said...

I love your pencil sketches.

Rachel said...

Awww, puppy hugs!!!

Those sketches are wonderful!! I love the movement in the first one... beautiful!

And you're right - creativity always strikes me at the totally wrong times too! When I have time, or am trying to be creative, it's like my well is totally dry. Go figure.