Friday, October 9, 2009

Drac's Place, take two

I loved my castle in the mountains painting so much I decided to (in between prop class and popping Benadryl to a puppy who will not stop playing with bees) sort of recreate it.

It's a little smaller and instead of using a nondescript random castle I decided to go through the internet archives and look for the real Dracula castle.

So I give you my interpretation of Vlad the Impaler's Wallachia home.If you'd like your own little piece of Vampire lore with nary a Twihard in site, go here to visit my store.

I fear I am hitting the end of my Halloween run of paintings and am looking more towards winter and other projects.

So if you're hoping for a snow covered tree, or just a handful of trees, or something really blue stay tuned. I got a few wild ideas knocking around in my little brain.

1 comment:

Chesney said...

This is so different than the rest of your paintings, just gorgeous, one of my favorites to date!