Monday, October 12, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 313

Friday was a brisk and bright fall day, and with the sun cresting over the horizon I took my husband and puppy on a walk around our neighborhood (we're surrounded on all sides by parks so it's pretty easy to find her a little running room). I swear I don't usually make them both pose in front of trees, I just realized it'd been almost a week since I last took any picture of Essie and wanted to document her continual growth.

It turned out to be a pretty good idea in the end as what one night looked like this.
Came to look like this the next morning.
We got snow, and not just a little pitiful 1/2 an inch that lightly dusts the ground. In the early half of October Nebraska got a good 2-3 inches that stuck around most of the day.

This was Essie's first snow day and like all dogs on their first snow day at first she had no idea what to make of it. She tried her little puppy trick of jumping really high so her feet wouldn't be in the snow for too long and cocking her head in the RCA pose.
Then those Labrador bred for the cold genes kicked in and she started to realize just how much fun snow could be.
It's like one giant ice cube you can stick your face in! I may or may not have helped along her acclimation by kicking some up at her as she raced around the back yard like a gazelle.
As the sun came out and did that voodoo that it do so well, Essie started to become a real pill demanding we go outside with her so she could munch on snow and run around on it while she still could.

I don't think we have to worry about a dog that's snow scared. If anything I fear she may have the first day of winter marked on her little puppy calendar and if we don't get a white Christmas she may just be heartbroken.

Dare I ask, did anyone else get pelted by snow this past weekend? It was really hard for me to shake off the "Oh man I need to be Christmas shopping right now" feeling as the car slushed its way through the mall parking lot. I'd like to say that pumpkins in the window changed my mind but most shops are already turning their Jack'o'lanterns into balsam firs.

Is anyone ready for winter or --like me-- are you secretly planning on running Old Man Winter down with your car?


Chesney said...

You documented perfectly how weather can change in a snap here in good ol' Nebraska LOL! Looks like Essie will definitely be a snow dog, my poor dogs put their little toes out the door and ran back in - I had to carry them outside to potty! I sit them down in the snow and they go then I have to pick them up to bring them in, not spoiled or anything. they spent the morning in my hubby's lap cuddling!

Linda said...

That's bizarre. It's not winter yet. Nebraska is messed up :)
it was a great fall weekend here. I hope we have a few more of those.

Michelle Simpson Photos said...

Ugh, sorry you have snow so early. We haven't even had snow yet (We won't get it till Halloweenish) I'm glad Essie enjoyed it :)

Krista said...

Nebraska IS messed up! We might get an early snow as early as mid November, but the snow won't stick around until sometime in December. And I'm in CANADA. Crazy Nebraska!

Rachel said...

That's CRAZY!!!! But really cool to see. We probably won't even get 2-3 inches of snow all winter! I love it when we do, though.
And that red tree is gorgeous!

It was pretty much overcast and rainy all weekend here. Blech. I think Dallas is the new Portland.

Kate said...


Jennifer said...

yeah- its still in the 90s here. But SNOW + CUTE PUPPY = friggin cute.